Q: Is it expensive to hire a landscape gardener?

A: Hiring a landscape gardener is an investment, as it adds value to your property. Costs totally rely on access/products/groundwork’s just to name a few. Hiring a landscaper is also about feeling comfortable as you will see each other from day to day for a period of time, so don’t make cost the only consideration.

Q: What is the best time of year to landscape a garden?

A: Landscaping can be done all year around in the UK. Planning when you want your garden transformation is a key, for example, if you have children avoiding school holidays would be easier. Bear in mind most landscapers could have a full diary, so get in touch in plenty of time.

Q: How do I choose which landscaper to hire?

A: There’s a full spectrum of landscapers from incredible to shocking. You have to determine that by doing some research. Being a member of a Guild or a register is a good start as these landscapers are tried and tested and are of a good quality.

Being comfortable and confident is key when choosing the right contractor for you. Once contact is made you should get a feel for how a project could go.

After a site visit a quote can be written up which should be fully itemised, to fully breakdown the cost.
We would always suggest multiple quotes to compare costings, just make sure the quotes are for an identical project.

Q: Do I need a landscape design?

A: A landscape design helps to map out a vision and secures confidence in what you are going to achieve.

A garden designer isn’t essential as we can design and build any garden.

Having ideas made into a 3D design shows your actual garden which can be tweaked before starting any works to ensure confidence in what your garden is going to become.

Q: What are your payment terms?

A: We don’t require money upfront, but a stage payment plan can be arranged before any work is carried out. So that on completion of the job the full quote is paid. Most common methods of payment are bank transfers or cheques.